Verbal Communications

"Verbal communication" is a visual representation of languages.

The first stage of the project, which is dedicated to understanding of my own feelings and emotions towards languages, words and concepts in all negative and positive aspects and compare them with the feelings of other people, especially of those whose native language is different from mine.

I am interested in exploring the ability of words to hurt, to unite, to bring happiness or to cause fear.

At the next stage of the project I am planning to look deeper into three main theories of language development: nativist, learning and interactionist and to make represention of them in the form of a tryptich which will be the central piece of series. Main goal of the project is to visualise development of language and how it can change perception, how it sets boundaries and simultaneously destroys them, how it correlates and affects mental state of each individual separately and as a group.

I am constantly looking for the inspiration in languages I know already and in those I am studying at the moment and trying to pinpoint differences and similarities and possibly some sort of emotional constants.

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