Guardians of Hong Kong

I want to be a superhero, 2016, mixedmedia

“Guardians of Hong Kong” is dedicated to correlation between old and new architecture of Hong Kong and to amazing and inspiring senior citizens.

I stayed in Hong Kong for more than two years and sometimes if had a feeling that there are two very different worlds which exist in parallel to each other, the young and fast world of people whose main interest is to gain money and the old and calm world of people who are not in rush anymore.

Hong Kong’s architecture adds up to the feeling of two parallel worlds, it is unique because sometimes you can find buildings separated by 100 years facing each other. The way they coexist and create that special atmosphere is unforgettable.

Old buildings are like shadows of the past reflecting the hidden spirit of the city on its new chromed and shiny surface.

With each picture I want to show different emotion which the city and its people brought to me, both good and bad.