Verbal communication

Monad, 2017, ink and acrylic on paper
I See You Vol1, 2020, 100 x 70 cm, ink and acrylic on paper
I am dealing with it, 2023, 24x32cm, acrylic and gel pens on paper

Project “Verbal Communication” is dedicated to the language, the intricate web of communication woven by humanity which is not merely a tool for conveying thoughts and ideas; it is a realm rife with paradoxes that challenge our understanding of reality and perception. Language is a unique medium that has a power to affect our emotional states and dreams, can unite and separate, inspire and destroy.

At the heart of the project “Verbal Communication” lies the enigma of self-reference “This statement is false.” defying conventional notions of logic and truth and all other works spread from this central point. Three following paintings surrounding the shrine are representation of three theories of language acquisition: cognitive, inherent and socio cultural. All other works of the project are dedicated to the visual representation of the spoken language and my own experiences around communications with other beings.

I want to attract attention to that despite employing common linguistic conventions, individuals may interpret words and phrases differently based on their unique experiences and perspectives and it highlights the elusive nature of communication.

Main goal of my research is to explore the idea that language is not a static entity but a dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon. As we navigate the complexities of spoken language, we are confronted with the inherent ambiguity and uncertainty of human expression.

Yet, it is within this ambiguity that the beauty of language resides. Like a tapestry woven from threads of paradox, language invites exploration and interpretation, offering endless avenues for creativity and expression.